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Minneapolis, MN

Valentina Castellon


  • Hospitality
  • Interiors
  • Principal
Valentina Castellon
  • Principal
“I love that there are no limits in design. Our industry is constantly evolving – no two projects are the same – and we have the opportunity to create something truly unique every time.”

As an interior designer focused on work in DLR Group’s Hospitality Studio, Valentina is passionate about creating dynamic designs for spaces people visit every day. A conceptual thinker at heart, she collaborates with teams across the nation to unify design elements and create environments that elevate the guest experience.

“One of the best parts of my job is finding what people are passionate about, and helping them bring these passions to reality. Whether a client or a teammate, I love helping people push their boundaries and challenge themselves creatively.”

Valentina encourages clients to go beyond the routine, challenging them to think outside the box and design places that leave a lasting memory. She believes in the importance of industry engagement, and is a leader in NEWH’s North Central Chapter, which brings the design community together through mentorship, scholarship, and education. 

Valentina's Projects