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Brick walls with wood ceilings at Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis Mill District

Favorite Hotel Design Trends of the Last Decade

Depending upon the era, hotel design trends can range from esoteric to fanciful and industrial to minimalist. Utilizing such design concepts as symmetry and simplicity, designers can transform a once dreary interior into a magical space that is both welcoming and functional. Whether it’s the bare-boned beauty of the minimalist or the neutral tones of rustic design, hotels tend to embrace the personality of their environment.

DLR Group Principal Staci Patton says, “A trend that has impacted the hospitality industry the past decade has been the increase in lifestyle-driven design as a reflection of its surrounding community. This is especially true with boutique hotels, which present an opportunity to create a more distinct design with a cultural flair, while still being consistent with the hotel’s brand and particular aesthetic.”

DLR Group Principal Staci Patton

Our design for the Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis Mill District showcases how the community can inspire a design that’s both local and on-brand.

Read on for the design trends that have impacted the hotel industry over the last ten years in Forbes.


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