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Experiential Graphic Design

Visuals have the power to connect a user with a place and space to deliver a unique emotional experience. Our designers have experience with a variety of projects and applications, delivering a range of creative solutions including brand development, experiential graphics + installations and wayfinding + signage for Fortune 500 companies, collegiate and professional sports clients, education, boutique start-ups and everything in-between.

Design opportunities at DLR Group are defined by you. Follow your passion. Do you want to work in Dubai? Or San Francisco? Or Charlotte? Do you want to deliver equity through design, or master plan a net-zero energy solution for an entire college campus? Do you want to lead research to understand how designed spaces in a school influence learning? It’s here for you at DLR Group.

Explore our Careers page to learn about the design opportunities and career paths available to employee-owners within our integrated design firm.


Expressing a Brand

Experiential Graphic Designer Austin

Adam Ross

"DLR Group does so much more than architecture. We are an integrated design firm. As an experiential graphic designer, I’m involved in a range of projects all over the world. I might be working on signage and wayfinding for a baseball stadium and a shopping mall in Saudi Arabia in the same week. I wish everyone could experience a company culture like ours."

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DLR Group Principal and Experiential Graphic Design Leader Adam Wells
Queries? Please contact: Adam Wells, Experiential Graphic Design Leader

Meet our People

Our sector, discipline, and executive leaders are dispersed to mentor the next generation of employee-owners, counsel clients, and share their design voice in their local communities.

Black curved wall section with rounded dip in ceiling leading to dining. Left, translucent purple wall room below white wall

Design Opportunities

The concept of ownership, its importance to our culture, and the immense benefits are rather simple. Driven by opportunity, we make decisions that impact not only our success but also that of our clients and partners. our clients and partners.

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