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Our definition not only includes the environment but the economic and social impacts of our actions to holistically balance conflicting needs.

Design opportunities at DLR Group are defined by you. Have an adventure. Do you want to be the change and transform the built environment through innovation of digital design technologies, pilot and test healthy materials, advance regenerative design to address climate change, or develop focused expertise in mass timber or net-zero energy design? It’s here for you at DLR Group.

Explore our Careers page to learn about the design opportunities and career paths available to employee-owners within our integrated design firm.


Affecting Change at Scale

Senior Associate | Architect Seattle

Jill Maltby-Abbott, AIA, WELL AP

"DLR Group is entrepreneurialism at scale. I’m part of a team crafting workflows for sourcing sustainable materials and implementation in design and construction. We’re actively tracking nearly 4,500 products and helping solve gaps in availability across our integrated disciplines. It’s important work and it’s an active design conversation with our clients who understand and appreciate their purchasing power can drive real change."

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Passing On a Better World

Principal Lincoln

Heather Hughes, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

"I am grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given with a diverse group of mentors. DLR Group has encouraged me to pave my own way, which has led to a rewarding career that aligns with my passion for leaving the world a better place for the next generation. I learn so much from the architects, engineers, and other specialists I'm lucky enough to work with every day."

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DLR Group Principal and Global Sustainability Leader Lindsey Perez, AIA, LEED Fellow
For queries, please contact: Lindsey Perez, Global Sustainability Leader

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