AC Hotel Sunnyvale

  • LEED Certified Silver
  • Area

    • 89,620 ft²

Design Achievement - This AC Hotel provides a ground floor lobby space entry to an outdoor patio area. The fourth level pool deck serves as both an outdoor dining and lounge amenity area for guests. DLR Group’s design is  bicycle friendly with numerous upgraded pedestrian connections, bike parking, and seating areas open to the public. As an amenity to the hotel and the surrounding community, a communal park/lounge area with public art is provided at street level. The hotel will be furnished with its own restaurant/bar, lounge, along with an outdoor pool deck and meeting space. The bar and open lounge concept complements the walk along Fair Oaks Ave and El Camino Real. The service and support activities of the hotel are towards the rear of the site for efficiency and activate the street frontages. New public improvements along the project's street façade will create a safer pedestrian/bicycle linkage throughout the Community Center Node -- stimulating even further development in the energetic area. 

Scope Summary - This 89,620 SF lifestyle hotel with 187 guestrooms sits on a 1.25-acre site and offers approximately 150 parking stalls; 50 stalls and a drop-off are on grade, while the remaining parking spots are in a subterranean parking structure. Local flora and fauna blends the building and site parking into the surrounding landscape. A straightforward palette of materials is utilized to break up the density including concrete, plaster, steel, galvanized and painted metal accents, and an extensive amount of glazing at the street frontage. Sustainable features include a high efficiency HVAC system, use of natural lighting, energy-efficient light bulbs, motion-sensored and timed light switches in all offices, store rooms, public restrooms, and LED Exit signs. To enhance the clean air, high efficiency air filters with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8 or better are installed. Low flow toilets, water faucets and showerheads in guestrooms and common areas are provided, as well as water efficient commercial dishwashers and laundry washing machines. All biodegradable non-phosphate cleaning supplies are used. DLR Group provided architecture and engineering services.

AC Hotel Sunnyvale

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