Baku City Mall

  • Client

    • Pasha Construction
  • Project Type

  • Area

    • 3,052,860 ft²

Design Achievement - The Pasha Baku City Mall is planned to be a retail and entertainment magnet for both the planned White City Development and the entire city of Baku. Fully integrated with the new development and accentuated by the iconic Spine Bridge, the Pasha Baku City Mall will become the major landmark of the City of Baku and is intended to become the most important urban shopping and leisure destination in Azerbaijan. While the project is located in a strong urban context, influences such as the rolling hills that flank the project, the natural ebb and flow of the Caspian Sea, the highly articulated landscape shapes and the naturally curving shoreline, all contribute to an organic architectural style. As a counter to the rigid grid of the White City master plan, DLR Group’s design features a strong fluid movement that forms the flowing mass of this large structure creating a landmark presence to the passerby. The design is meant to contrast the existing, monumental architecture that exists in Baku, utilizing custom formed architectural white concrete as the primary visual material, glass curtain walls, sculpted metal panels of natural copper and bronze, and field quarried stone.

Scope Summary - The Baku City Mall’s districts total 3,000,000 SF and include a fashion, an entertainment district, a hypermarket with adjacent convenience retailers, multiple cafés and restaurants and a modern international food court. The ground plan of the three-level complex is in the form of a racetrack with several extensions that connect to the adjacent structures and open spaces. The entertainment and leisure district includes a variety of captivating concepts all having views to the Caspian Sea, a multiplex cinema, a family entertainment center and a central garden walk linking the Fountain Square Park with the boardwalk along the Caspian Sea. DLR Group provided architectural services.