BART 19th Street Oakland Station Canopy

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    • Bay Area Rapid Transit District
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Design Achievement - Commuters entering the 19th Street/Oakland BART station from street level are shielded from adverse weather. BART has considered the use of canopies over access points to underground stations to shield passengers and equipment from weather. The design provides identity and functionality for the underground entrance. The canopy is located in the Uptown section of Oakland; this area has emerged as a center for arts and entertainment and for dining and drinking. Wayfinding and branding are prioritized due to the location of the project, and communication with BART is maintained during the selection of materials, signage, landscaping, artwork, and lighting. As part of the initiative to help with wayfinding the canopy is lit at night, and the serves as a beacon for the station; it can be seen from a quarter mile away. LED displays at street-level provide schedule information, and LED lighting offers security and visibility. The canopy also serves to keep vandals and other unauthorized people from accessing the space.

Scope Summary - The canopy occupies 540 SF and provides cover for escalator and stairs that lead to the station floor. The canopy was built using a curved gray-steel frame with glass ceilings and walls that curve up from the ground forming an arc that covers the escalator and stairway. The canopy is equipped with LED lighting, two high-definition displays that display real-time arrival information, and a roll-up door. The LED lighting makes the canopy highly visible, and can be seen from over a quarter mile away. The displays provide arrival information to passengers, and can also display transit related messaging and important announcements. The door provides security during non-operating hours, and allows station agents to enter and exit safely. A portion of the sidewalk is finished in frosted glass which allows ambient light to pass through to the station floor. DLR Group provided architectural services from concept to completion.

BART 19th Street Oakland Station Canopy

Bay Area Rapid Transit District