Bloom Park Development

Design Achievement – The vision for this residential development is to give modern living the benefits of traditional housing, taking cues from the great example of the Fareej structure of Emirati housing. This design will use this strength by grouping apartments around large Meyadeen Terraces for outdoor cooking and gatherings, set around a pool to allow a community of 40 to 50 people to come together. This space will be the foundation of the Fareej structure creating a destination where residents are no longer anonymous. The central circulation space will serve as the Sikka and allow for visibility around the community. A design feature is small break-out spaces near the lifts to serve as Barahaat Decks. The units themselves have recessed balconies that provide private outdoor space in the spirit of the traditional courtyard.

Scope Summary – The scope of this project is a nine-floor, 53,820 SF residential complex. The design will utilize modern technology in the form of air-conditioning, but the built form will incorporate traditional passive methods to reduce the load. The deep recesses of the façade will create a self-shading structure that reduces radiant heat gain. The central atrium space creates a more socially active building, but it also creates a wind tower for the retail environment at the base. high-tech software will be employed to manage the relationship between the mechanical and natural solutions. DLR Group provided planning and design services.

Bloom Park Development

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