Boeing Twin Aisle Café

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    • The Boeing Company
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Design Achievement - Located within Boeing's Everett factory, the largest building in the world by volume, the Twin Aisle Café provides workers there with great dining in a sleek environment. DLR Group's design provides a space where Boeing's design, engineering, and manufacturing professionals can come together to experientially connect with the products they're all working to produce: outstanding aircraft. Using a glass storefront and locating the cafe on the second floor of a high-bay tower puts users at eye-level with the aircraft in the assembly lines, and also allows the cafe itself to serve as a wayfinding beacon with high visibility across the immense factory floor. Interiors provide an intimate atmosphere with three distinct dining styles that serve as a place of respite and informal gathering for workers on break. Here, people can gather to eat, meet and together take pride in what they're accomplishing.

Scope Summary - The 8,200 SF Twin Aisle Café project comprised the relocation of an existing café from the first to the second level of a high bay tower in Boeing's Everett factory plant. Scope of work included design for the buildout of an approximately 1,225 SF kitchen, 2,260 SF servery and 4,700 SF dining space; an all new interiors atmosphere with prototypical design elements that can be implemented in additional cafes within the factory; and new vertical circulation to connect the café to the factory floor. DLR Group provided architecture, interiors, and engineering services.

Awards & Recognition

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  • Commendation Award

    American Institute of Architects (AIA) Seattle
  • Honorable Mention

    International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Northern Pacific
  • Honorable Mention

    Retail Traffic magazine Superior Achievement in Design and Imaging (SADI)

Boeing Twin Aisle Café

The Boeing Company