Camp Lowell Surgery Center

  • Client

    • Camp Lowell Surgery Center
  • Project Type

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2013
  • Area

    • 16,200 ft²
  • Cost

    • $874,432

Design Achievement - The Camp Lowell Surgery Center provides multi-specialty and state-of-the-art surgical services in an innovative, economical way to the Tucson community. DLR Group's design expanded the center, increasing the delivery of its healthcare services. The increased number of recovery chairs, new operating room, new clean equipment room, operating room conversion and increase in the number of recovery stations allows Camp Lowell Surgery Center to provide a better choice for Tucsonians and meet their goals of providing a safe, comfortable and private experience for their patients.

Scope Summary - This project included 16,200-SF of renovated office space. A 1,300-SF addition to the north side of the building adds six, second-stage recovery chairs, a new Class C operating room, and a new clean equipment room. The existing Class A operating room was converted to a Class B operating area. A 4,000-SF renovated space increased the number of stage one recovery stations to eight and additional dedicated Class B and C private recovery bays. DLR Group provided architecture services.

Camp Lowell Surgery Center

Camp Lowell Surgery Center