Africa Hostel Prototype

Design Narrative –CampusCiti has a vision of creating student living communities starting in Kenya and then becoming the leading student lifestyle brand across Africa. These student living communities will be unmatched in their commitment to providing environments that support all aspects of student life, including academic support, retail, dining and entertainment. DLR Group’s flexible, modular design enables the developer to quickly test sites and pair the site information with a market study to understand the project’s viability without investing months in a design and documentation process. The design for the hostel is based on a 7m x 7m x 7m cubic module.  Each cube represents 8 beds or 49 sq m of student amenity space.  This module is repeated multiple times to form a flexible structural grid that can be easily constructed from cast-in-place concrete, the local structural material of choice in Kenya.Modular components are added to the structural frame based on site adaptation considerations and financial modeling.  As these projects roll out, a key component of the site adaptation will be focused on capturing the sustainable design opportunities of each site, including daylight harvesting, rainwater collection, natural ventilation and potential solar collection. 

Scope Summary - The potential sites range from ½ acre urban sites to 30 acre rural sites. The resulting bed configuration, amenity options and material selections will be dependent upon local hostel market comparisons and rental rates.