Changsha Pingan Fortune Center

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    • PingAn Real Estate Co.,,Ltd.
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Design Achievement - Changsha PingAn Fortune Center provides the employees of PingAn Insurance Group — one of the world’s biggest investment and asset management companies — with a world class work environment, and will become a new landmark of Changsha CBD. DLR Group’s design maximizes the river-facing façade and takes full advantage of the view of Xiangjiang River. Suggesting the memory of the outcrops and geological forces of Xiangjiang River, the symmetrically stacked building imitates a waterfall falling off the mountains and flowing into the river, architecturally connecting the city and nature. The stacked massing creates spaces for multiple semi-private roof gardens shared by specific office areas and apartment units, providing valuable common areas to the work and living environment. 

Scope Summary - The 11,517 m2 site is located in Changsha downtown, adjacent to Xiangjiang river. The 200 m, 45-level highrise tower comprises 41,350 m2 office area, 43,025 m2 luxurious apartment area, 2,000 m2 retail space, and 26,200 m2 underground parking space that provides 691 parking stalls. The office space on lower levels and apartment units on higher levels are separated by a sky lobby located on the 22nd and 23rd level. With rectangular floor plan and core on the back side of the building, nearly 100 percent of the office tenant spaces and apartment units have full or partial river view. DLR Group provided architecture design services.

Changsha Pingan Fortune Center

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