Cheyenne Public Safety Center

  • Client

    • City of Cheyenne
  • Project Type

  • Area

    • 56,000 ft²

Design Achievement - The City of Cheyenne commissioned DLR Group to help evaluate and select a new location to co-locate its municipal and county public safety departments. In a highly interactive process, DLR Group's design team evaluated the City’s current program and studied six potential sites for the Cheyenne Police Department, Fire Department, Laramie County Emergency Operations and Laramie/Cheyenne Communications. Workshops conducted with City and County officials established space needs for anticipated growth and potential fit-outs that were tabulated as part of a comparative budget analysis. Unique site conditions drove potential building and parking arrangements that, when evaluated in a Site Evaluation Matrix, helped the City’s mayor, police and fire chief bring one option to the top of the list. DLR Group’s design remodels a circa 1960’s one-story auto dealership and adds two floors over its outdated 1960’s west end addition. The vintage riveted steel column and truss structure with basement parking won city council favor to re-purpose the building for the new Public Safety Center. 

Scope Summary - The scope of work for this project incorporated adaptive reuse techniques and improvements to an existing 56,000 SF outdated car dealership. The 1930’s steel building structure created an open and public environment that was important for community engagement and will support revitalization in the downtown area in addition to the 17th Street Beautification Project. Prior to design, Efficient public access to community services, all on the ground floor, include a community meeting room, shared lobby, and offices for police operations and fire administration. On-site, underground parking was reused and created a low cost solution for municipal vehicles and storage. With the addition of economical two-floor addition and central atrium, protected services were able to be moved off of street level access, making that work environment more secure. DLR Group provided site and energy analysis services; a detailed program and planning process to guide in customizing the spaces within the facility to meet a shared goal of increased efficiency for all departments; and architecture, engineering, and interiors services.