Cleveland Browns Training Center and Office Renovation

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Design Achievement - The Cleveland Browns ownership was in the process of adopting a new collaborative working model that blends football and business operations. Its training complex and offices represented an opportunity to exemplify this new approach. DLR Group|Westlake Reed Leskosky’s design welcomes employees, players, coaches, and visitors to an open and democratic work environment that is transparent and filled with daylight. The modern space is respectful of the legacy and tradition of the Cleveland Browns, projects energy and vitality, and forges a progressive identity for the team. This progressive identity is a manifold expression, experienced through large-scale imagery, branding, materiality, contour, and broad sweeps of color. All of these considerations fuse to propel the staff into a newly energized way of working together and representing the team. 

Scope Summary - The award-winning project involved the complete renovation of the second level of the facility, approximately 37,000 SF, and partial renovation of the first floor. Aside from maintaining an existing IT room, phone room, and game video editing suite, as well as stair and elevator cores, the entire floor was demolished down to the shell and structural frame. The new work environment houses 160 staff (50 of whom were previously located at Cleveland Brown Stadium), including executives, financial and legal, coaches, player personnel staff and scouts, corporate sales, ticket sales, marketing, content production, creative services, community outreach, and information technology. The new space contains approximately 60 hard-wall offices and 90 workstations, all right-sized for modern efficiency and collaboration. Unique spaces include a new Draft Room, Call Center, and Radio + Video Studio for team content production. The design and construction schedule was timed to complete prior to the start of Training Camp: an aggressive two months of design and four months of construction. DLR Group|WRL provided architecture, MEP and structural engineering, interior design, and technology design services. 

DLR Group acquired Westlake Reed Leskosky in September 2016. Today, the combined design expertise and resources of Westlake Reed Leskosky and DLR Group serve clients as a global, integrated design firm committed to elevating the human experience through design.

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    American Institute of Architects (AIA) Ohio
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    American Institute of Architects (AIA) Cleveland
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    Shaw Contract Group

Cleveland Browns Training Center and Office Renovation

Cleveland Browns