Dafeng Industrial Park

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    • Dafeng Industrial Cluster Development Co., Ltd.
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Design Achievement - Project developer Shanghai Lingang Group conceived this project as a vehicle to showcase its development capabilities in Hangzhou. DLR Group’s design provides two options that both feature sleek contemporary buildings and enticing environments that reflect the client’s sophisticated taste. Option 1 consists of five office buildings, a semi-private courtyard mainly serving the employees working in the office buildings, and an entry plaza facing the public. Black and white mullion colors are used to differentiate the Lingang-owned and leasable office buildings. Option 2 includes two dynamic office buildings embracing the view of Xinhua Dazhai River. The sunken courtyard next to the one-story cafeteria provides the employees with private, quiet and cozy outdoor dining space. The spacious open plaza on the southeast corner of the site provides waiting space for visitors of the administrative service center, and acts as a buffer between the office buildings and the urban streets.

Scope Summary - The project comprises approximately 22,800 m2 office space that includes both Lingang-owned and leasable space, and 15,000 m2 underground parking garage that provides about 400 stalls. Spaces include open office, private offices, meeting rooms, administrative service center, convenience store, bank, gym, cafeteria and kitchen. The outdoor spaces include a riverfront plaza, courtyard and entry plaza. DLR Group provided architecture design services.

Dafeng Industrial Park

Dafeng Industrial Cluster Development Co., Ltd.