Dalian School

  • Area

    • 756,509 ft²

Design Achievement - Located in Northeast China in an area known for its beauty, the Dalian School will provide private education in a highly urban area, offering an elementary school, middle school, theater, performing arts and athletics. Seeking to have the two schools operate independently, DLR Group's design consolidates the footprint of each building, while pairing them in a yin/yang fashion with opposing forms and curves. Architecturally, the buildings are responsive to the view towards the water in the south and mountains in the west, offering references to Chinese provincial architecture through a modern lens. The Dalian School aims to mimic American-style education in the way it is provided. 

Scope Summary - The scope of work for the Dalian School master plan covers two educational facilities: an elementary school of 840 students (totaling 110,158 SF), and a middle school for 1,080 students (totaling 179,768 SF). Supporting programs and site amenities bring the total square footage to 756,509 SF. School facilities will have access to a pool, art building, theater, covered play, and athletic facilities including football/track, soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis. DLR Group provided master planning and architecture services.