Hancock Public Safety Complex

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2012
  • Area

    • 98,970 ft²
  • Cost

    • $23,031,047

Design Achievement - This new Public Safety Complex for Hancock County replaces a facility that was completely destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina. DLR Group's design creates three distinct functional components of the County's justice system, namely the sheriff's department, county jail, and a justice court. The facility is organized around a central public entrance court as a unifying architectural focal point and common circulation area. An entry court provides ample space for large number of people to gather before and after weekly scheduled court hearings, as well as a central entry point for public access. The sheriff's department houses spaces for the law enforcement function of the county, and includes a community room available to the public on a scheduled basis. Centrally located at the apex of the building circulation corridors is Master Control, which monitors the jail, but also functions as a reception desk for the public. This helps reduce the overall staffing required for the facility. DLR Group also composed a master plan detailing future expansion of all three building components.

Scope Summary - The largest part of the 98,970 SF building is the county jail, which has a capacity of 300 inmates and provides all services, such as medical, kitchen, laundry, and inmate programs. The jail design operates in a podular indirect supervision style, but is designed to allow for transition to a direct supervision model in the future. The jail uses video visitation enabling the public to visit with inmates via a video monitor system accessible from the public lobby. This feature eliminates the need to escort inmates and public back and forth from a common area, preventing opportunities to introduce contraband into the building. DLR Group provided planning and architecture services. Perez, APC of New Orleans was the Architect of Record.

Hancock Public Safety Complex

Hancock County