International Mall Ltd. Mombasa

Design Achievement - The International Mall in Mombasa honors the Swahili architectural heritage of the East African coast, and local artisan skills. To this end, DLR Group has asked Urko Sanchez, a Swahili design expert, to assist in the composition of the spaces and facades. The layout of the retail center is fashioned after the Islamic tradition of souks rather than western malls. The external appearance is clean and modern, with Swahili influences and cladding of a locally-quarried coral. The courtyards feature more ornate Swahili designs. To bolster local engagement and employment, the office building features a Swahili-influenced, timber, solar-shading envelope that is built in small sections by the neighbors themselves and merely assembled by the general contractor. The design and layout further embraces diversity of clientele - including a local community of Christian and Muslim neighbors as well as visiting business people from other parts of Kenya and the world - all of whom the mall will cater to without impeding the enjoyment of each other.

Scope Summary - The development is directly adjacent to the Mombasa International Airport and will serve as a gateway for business travelers; supporting and enhancing the retail offer for the adjacent community. The overall development is about 350,000 square feet. The retail offer is 200,000 square feet with a food anchor and three distinct shopping zones for women and children, men, and finally families and business tourists. In addition to shops there are a series of food and beverage offers as well as healthcare and banking opportunities. The business visitors are provided with a 130 key, 3-star business hotel that has conference facilities. It also shares a swimming pool with a commercial fitness center. The last component is a naturally-ventilated 55,000 square foot office building over seven stories with one level dedicated to a local higher education satellite “campus”. DLR Group is providing planning, architecture, and engineering services in conjunction with our local partner firm for our client International Malls Ltd.

International Mall Ltd. Mombasa

International Mall Ltd.

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