JE Dunn Minneapolis

  • Client

    • JE Dunn Construction (MN)
  • Project Type

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2013
  • Area

    • 21,000 ft²

Design Achievement - The executives of this national construction company made a bold move in relocating their offices from a suburban neighborhood to an emerging warehouse district in Minneapolis. Packaged with the move downtown, employees gained a vibrant neighborhood and a shift in the look, feel, and function of their office environment. To meet JE Dunn’s objectives of infusing energy, promoting collaboration, and strengthening their brand, the new office is home to a greatly expanded multipurpose break/recreation/meeting venue, integrated plan review and meeting areas, and a welcome infusion of daylight. Within the suite, design details and materials speak to JE Dunn’s core business of construction: concrete, steel door pulls and display rails, galvanized steel signage, COR-TEN steel paneling, a poured concrete reception desk, rough sawn wood flooring, and a mix of accent lighting all contribute to unique character of the space. Blue and orange pops of color, drawn from JE Dunn’s corporate brand standards, enliven an otherwise neutral palette. The result is a space that is a dynamic expression of the company’s past and its vision for the future.

Scope Summary - This new 21,000 SF office, located on the top floor of a former John Deere factory, was shaped by the framework of the building—its timber construction, views to the city, large windows, placement of skylights, and neighborhood context. In contrast to the company’s previous location, the new office is open, light-filled and accessible. Design elements combine an honest expression of the existing building materials with an eclectic mix of both casual and sophisticated detail that reinforces the JE Dunn brand. The program includes a mix of private and open offices, as well as hoteling offices to accommodate off site project managers. Impromptu meeting venues encourage greater collaboration and a generous multipurpose break area facilitates daily dining, all-office meetings, vendor and employee training, informal meetings, and employee recreation. DLR Group provided full interior design services, including FF&E selection and specification, on this project.

JE Dunn Minneapolis

JE Dunn Construction (MN)