J!NS Flagship Store

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Design Achievement - When customers enter the J!NS Flagship store in San Francisco, they find eyeglasses showcased in a system of simple, well-lit, repetitive grids. The simplicity and accessibility has deep roots in the J!NS brand, and these qualities recur throughout the store's design. Kanna, J!NS lens processing robot, is the focal point of the store. Customers can watch Kanna in its dedicated room using its fully automated robotic arms and conveyor belts; fulfilling orders in just 30 minutes. The simple, open layout of the store encourages customers to walk through and experience the product at their own pace. The fully exposed heavy beams, dark columns, and rough brick of the historic building comfortably coexists with the meticulously detailed wood and porcelain-white furniture.  Unadorned concrete, wood, brick, and metal were chosen for their natural beauty and their ability to complement the beauty of J!NS eyeglasses.

Scope Summary - The 4,900 SF J!NS Flagship store is located at 151 Powell Street in San Francisco’s Union Square. A distinctive twin lantern, designed in partnership with LightArt, hangs above display tables, projects light down, and radiates light outward through oak textured shades. Additional glazing is used on the existing stucco façade to allow people to see the fashion eyewear on display. Existing rough-hewn white brick was retained, and wire-brushed white oak was used to add to the tactile experience. Raw steel-framed mirrors adorn the walls and columns, allowing visitors to see how they look in their J!NS frames. LEDs were embedded into KRION cassettes and shelves, which adds to the striking design. DLR Group provided architecture services from concept through design.

Awards & Recognition

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  • First Place, Hard-Line Specialty Category for Excellence in Store Design

    Retail Design Institute

J!NS Flagship Store