Korea City Masterplan

Design Achievement - This new city is based on the underlying principle of celebrating the natural environment. A Chinese saying refers to Korea as “mountains and rivers embroidered on silk” and this site embodies that description. DLR Group’s design employs a framework for a full-spectrum of uses to take advantage of a network of natural amenities and a back-bone of big-city access options including three new metro stations. Variety of spaces from “green to neon” at all scales of community will allow everyone to find their own place here, and provide interest through a sense of exploration and surprise. Allowances have been built in for all manner of smart technology, including autonomous transportation. Energy, water, and transportation will be fully monitored, measured, manipulated, and made-evident to all inhabitants to optimize their use. Connectivity will be ubiquitous with full and free Wi-Fi coverage. Access to the rest of Seoul and the world is balanced with access to human-scaled local streets, squares and natural open-spaces.

Scope Summary - This project is the first of two phases of design for a new city that will be home to almost 200,000 people. These people will be working in Industry 4.0 and could be working in research and development for one of Korea’s largest IT companies in a Future-Tech District, or for their own start-up in one of the In5 Incubator Districts. There is also an education district that will cater to 20,000 students, including 5,000 from overseas. This first phase will be home to almost 100,000 residents and 100,000 workers on 1,000 acres. Human health and habitat health are the keys to success for the public realm and technology will be employed invisibly to make this a reality and make this a place people enjoy being. DLR Group provided master planning and architecture services.