LJZ Suzhou Greenshore School & Kindergarten

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    • LJZ Group
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Design Achievement - This 9-year school is located on a triangular site adjacent to the on-ramp of Sugang Freeway. DLR Group’s design provides practical solutions to the challenges brought by the complicated traffic and inefficient site shape, and achieves the goals of providing natural connection, flexibility, transparency, and sense of belonging. A sloped green belt starts from the main entry of the campus located on the southeast of the site, extends along the curved academic buildings, and ends at the elevated soccer field, tying the whole campus together and complementing the student center in the heart of the campus. 

Scope Summary - The project encompasses the design of a 9-year school and a kindergarten located on 2 separate sites. The 3,610 m2 kindergarten on the 6,017 m2 site will serve 270 children in 9 classes. The 47,705 m2 9-year school on the 35,095 site will accommodate 1,425 students in 45 classes. The school includes a 30-class elementary school, a 15 class middle school, a dormitory building that serves both staff and students, and a student center that includes a theater, gymnasium, swimming pool,  library, cafeteria, and support spaces. DLR Group provided architecture design services.