LoDo Denver Boutique Hotel

  • Area

    • 140,000 ft²

Design Achievement - This hotel mixed use project, developed by T2 Hospitality, is located in the Lower Downtown area of Denver, CO. DLR Group’s design increases the vitality of the neighborhood environment through sensitivity to the historical context of the site. The building’s lower floors respond to the historic buildings style, scale and proportion. The building’s upper floors architecture style is clean and contemporary — it responds to a contemporary context while taking some influence from the surrounding historic building. It utilizes a straightforward palette of materials to break up density — including stone, masonry, limited use of plaster, steel, galvanized and painted metal accents and an extensive amount of glazing at the street frontage. The exterior colors are simple and subdued, consisting primarily of cast iron detail, masonry, metal mullion systems, metal paneling, natural stone, and integral color plaster. Ground level finishes along the project’s exterior consists primarily of cast iron detail, masonry, storefront glazing, metal mullion systems, and architectural paving systems. Substantial masonry and punched openings are used throughout the project’s upper guestroom floors with occasional sections of smooth and textured plaster and metal cladding. It’s an attractive design of contemporary architecture with a contextual influence and contributes to the urban design and planning of the overall Lower Downtown plan area. The hotel’s guests will have the opportunity to engage with the community while taking advantage of the amenities provided with a street-level restaurant and public art areas — offering a seamless connection to nearby offices, restaurants, bars, and shopping. 

Scope Summary - The urban site, of 0.36 acres, consists of a Lifestyle Hotel with 220 rooms. The hotel is eleven stories, approximately 140,000 square feet in area, and provides a ground floor transit lobby space and common access to the ground floor restaurant and cafe from the street level. The restaurant fronts 16th Street Mall and provides outdoor patio dining. The main hotel lobby is located on the second floor and provides a separate lounge / bar and restaurant primarily for the hotel guest. Access to the hotel is provided by curb drop off and parking structure access at Market Street. The project is especially pedestrian / bicycling friendly with numerous enhanced pedestrian connections; bike parking and seating areas open to the public. Approximately 59 parking stalls are provided in a subterranean parking structure with valet service. The program of the building is intended to enliven the Lower Downtown area by activating the public realm with hotel and restaurant activity. New public improvements along the project's street frontage will create a safer pedestrian / bicycle linkage throughout Downtown -- stimulating even further development in the active specific plan area. DLR Group provided planning, architecture, and engineering services as well as assistance in the City Planning approval process.

LoDo Denver Boutique Hotel

T2 Development