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Closeup of triple height glass lower level with sheltered entry stairs. Awning lines right side of palm tree lined building
Miami-Dade County Civil Courthouse

A Beacon of Justice


M-S-E Judicial Partners

Project Location

Miami, FL


602,000 SF

The design of the civil courthouse marries symbolism with functional efficiency. The 25-story iconic tower respectfully reveals the history of the justice system through the reflection of the adjacent timeless centennial courthouse, a pyramidal monument to justice that has defined the Miami skyline for generations. Our design abstracts the organization of classical buildings with a tri-partite stratification.

The organization is coupled with traditional columnar elements reinterpreted as a contemporary expression to create a harmonic language that unites the new courthouse with the old. The efficient tower maximizes the use of the narrow site to achieve optimal functionality while integrating the building’s base into the surrounding urban fabric. The design seamlessly integrates complex existing site constraints, including a setback for the elevated rail; maintaining service access to the adjacent cultural center; and providing access to its own loading and obscured secure parking areas.

From within the building, all public spaces create a safe and welcoming environment with ample daylight and views focused on the adjacent historic courthouse, which serves as a familiar reference for the visiting public. it also enhances wayfinding throughout the building and reflects the true transparency of our democratic approach to justice for all.

Entering the New Miami-Dade Civil Courthouse

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