Nasseff Specialty Center

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Design Achievement - Nasseff Specialty Center adds humanity to the science of healthcare through a holistic approach to patient outcomes. DLR Group's design supports the client's intent to focus on patient needs while incorporating state-of-the-art technology. A number of specialized clinics that for 30 years had been providing cardiopulmonary services to the St. Paul community in separate facilities are now combined in a single facility that marries humanity and technology. The design team worked to create a unifying environment for multiple specialists who require advanced, highly specialized and ever-changing technology. The central atrium is the heart of the building. A granite-faced waterfall, reflecting pool, fireplace and lounge area create a soothing, inviting space for visitors to wait. The atrium visually connects the various medical specialty clinics and incorporates a seamless vertical flow to allow patients to move from appointment to appointment with little stress. The use of warm, textural materials creates a secure and comforting environment for patients and family during a potentially stressful visit. The curved reception areas of each clinic eliminate the potential hard clinical feel of the space. The secluded waiting area for the nuclear screening rooms gives patents a sense of security when they are at their most vulnerable. Outdoor images in the computer tomography and MRI and nuclear screening rooms allow patients to be calmed while undergoing testing. Rich cherry wood finishes and warm tones create an overall calm atmosphere.

Scope Summary - This project comprised design of a 120,000-SF medical office building located on the United Hospital campus. DLR Group provided architecture services.

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    Minnesota Physician Magazine