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Design Achievement - NRG Renew is putting technology to work to ensure a sustainable, clean energy future. DLR Group's design of the NRG Renew Office in Scottsdale, Arizona embodies the national energy infrastructure: orthogonal geometry on the perimeter reflects the power grid, while organic liveliness at the core reflects the vitality of life as a result of energy. The perimeter spaces house offices and open workstations while the core consists of energetic spaces such as huddle rooms, collaboration spaces, conference rooms, and break rooms. The color palette reinforces these aspects of energy with the perimeter being white and crisp and the core being vibrant with bold areas of color incorporating brand colors of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. To highlight the shifting nature of energy, the building core - a typically rigid element - is wrapped in a dynamically organic wall that morphs as it moves along the space. Two bold cyan and magenta hallways cut through the glossy white core and expose freestanding meeting pods. This organic element helps to solidify the free flow and participatory nature of the office’s culture. The overarching goals were to emphasize brand, be organic, and achieve openness. Those goals were achieved as the resulting office is a refreshing experience of collaboration and a physical manifestation of NRG’s commitment to change how people experience energy.

Scope Summary - The 28,000 SF office took a previously closed-off floor plate with 60 offices and transitioned it, while occupied, to an open office with capacity for 125+ employees. The program includes 57% office, 10% amenity space, 24% collaboration space, and 9% specialty spaces including an Operations Center with complex IT and Mechanical systems. DLR Group provided interior design and mechanical and electrical engineering services.

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  • Award - Office Interior

    Arizona Real Estate and Development (RED)
  • Illumination Award of Merit

    Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

NRG Renew

NRG Renew