NRG-Patterson Dinuba Energy Upgrades

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Design Achievement - Patterson Logistics was interested in reducing operational costs and improving the sustainability of their operation to continue their competitive advantage as a distribution company. With this motivation, DLR Group partnered with Cresa, Patterson’s real estate representative, to undertake a multi-phased plan that was first focused on energy reduction for improved building performance, and then incorporating renewable systems to produce energy on site. Energy audits for 6 facilities through the United States were undertaken. Following the audits, the Patterson Logistics facility in Dinuba, CA was identified as a candidate for significant savings from several high efficiency upgrades and a rooftop solar array. DLR Group’s design maximizes the available roof area to provide a 906kW solar array, equating to 85% of the facility’s energy consumption. Through the use of an A6 solar utility tariff, this array offsets 100% of the power demand for this facility. On behalf of Patterson Logistics and in partnership with NRG, DLR Group designed a system that would include no capital expenditure or upfront costs for financing their new solar array. 

Scope Summary – To identify the optimal size for the rooftop solar array, DLR Group’s engineers performed solar feasibility and helioscope studies, identified structural capacity, and completed a rooftop potential evaluation. The final design is 145,000 sqft of rooftop solar with traditional inline inverters connecting 2,664 panels. The 1.42GW of annual electricity offsets 85% of the facility’s energy consumption and has the capacity to feedback into the grid. The ballast system to secure the array to the rooftop allows for no physical attachments or penetrations in the roofing that may lead to leakage in the roof. The design ties into an energy monitoring system that produces data on how the solar array is performing and tracks daily/monthly/annual usage. DLR Group provided energy services, electrical and structural engineering, and project management.

NRG-Patterson Dinuba Energy Upgrades

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