Ping An Jinan Financial Highrise Building

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Design Achievement - Ping An Insurance Group is a national financial company providing insurance, banking and investment services. DLR’s design provides Ping An and its employees with world-class work environment and creatively interprets the “river” design theme assigned by the city planning department. The 360 m tower is one of the five super highrise towers in the center of CBD in the new high tech city east of Jinan, which represent five key elements of Jinan's city image: mountain, spring, river, lake and city. The dramatic façade is transparent on top and reflective at the bottom, and the vertical mullions become zig-zag at the bottom to imitate a waterfall falling from the sky and running into a lake, like the scene described in a famous Chinese classic poem: “The torrent dropping three thousand feet, straight down to the valley floor. I think it must be the milky way, spilling to the earth from the heavens.”

Scope Summary - The project comprises a 76-story, 148,100 m2 super highrise tower and a seven-story, 25,800 m2 retail podium. The program includes office and meeting spaces for Ping An, a five-star hotel located from level 57 to level 73 of the tower, a financial museum, a club, and an observation deck located on the top of the 360 m tower. The podium consists of dining, shopping, lifestyle, and salon spaces. The office tower is designed to meet LEED Gold standards. DLR Group provided architecture design.

Ping An Jinan Financial Highrise Building

JiNan AnQi Real Estate Co., Ltd.

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