Riverside County Alan M. Crogan Youth Treatment Center

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    • Riverside County Economic Development Agency
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  • Area

    • 62,000 ft²

Design Achievement - The new Alan M. Crogan Youth Treatment and Education Center (formerly known as Van Horn Youth Treatment and Education Center) has the number one priority to rehabilitate youths through treatment, education and vocation programs. DLR Group's design of the new justice facility integrates education and vocation programs with every day activities, enhances the quality of the environment and fits into the surrounding community both functionally and aesthetically. To more effectively rehabilitate youths while also maintaining security, each living unit is fully equipped with classrooms, recreation, sleeping units, dayroom space, activity space and interview rooms. Extensive natural daylighting was incorporated in all dayrooms and throughout the facility to improve behavior, and a large visiting area was designed to encourage longer, more frequent interactions between youths and their families. The facility is designed to meet future needs of the community, by accommodating a future 10-bed transitional housing unit on the east side of the facility and 20-bed secure housing unit on the north side of the facility. The entry canopy stretches from the building over the courtyard/walkway to the main entry to serve as an aesthetic focal point to the building and shade structure.  
Scope Summary - This new 61,000 SF, 106-bed juvenile facility contains housing, medical, administrative, educational, vocational and recreational programs for youths at risk for criminal behavior. The facility will provide intervention to prevent the escalation of criminal conduct through the use of appropriate consequences. The new facility has a full high school and Career Technical Education program, with a 40 percent decrease in teacher-to-student ratio from the existing facility. Youth will move through a process in the facility preparing them to be a positive contributor to society:  1) Youth will be moved to the facility and live in an assessment unit until an individual's course of rehabilitation is determined; 2) They will then be assigned to a living unit with direct access to vocational education. The vocational area is separate from housing, and a portion of a youth's day is spent in a vocation of their choosing; 3)) Toward the end of their stay, youths will move from their housing area into a minimum security transition dorm where they will prepare for permanent release. They will be prepped to return to society and are able to leave the facility during the day to attend jobs or school. DLR Group provided architecture, engineering, planning, and interiors services.

Riverside County Alan M. Crogan Youth Treatment Center

Riverside County Economic Development Agency