San Carlos Apache Juvenile and Adult Detention Center

  • Client

    • The San Carlos Apache Tribe
  • Project Type

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2004
  • Area

    • 46,168 ft²
  • Cost

    • $8,891,857

Design Achievement – Cultural and traditional values are the focal points to the San Carlos Apache Tribe and holistic health is tied directly to community and nature. DLR Group's design of this adult and juvenile detention center focuses on enabling the process of integrating the offender back into native population with extensive programming and educational opportunities. The public entrance honors the Apache custom of entering from the east. A modern, architecturally rounded shade reflects the traditional domed stick wikiup built by Apache and oriented to the four points of the compass. Earth toned colors, natural materials, and cultural motifs tie the building to the community and create a welcoming pedestrian entrance. Budget and staffing needs led to a solution combining juvenile and adult populations within one structure, taking advantage of sharing services such as visitation, food service, main control, and administration.Strict sight and sound separation between the adult and juvenile populations maintains focus on their distinct rehabilitation and safety needs.

Scope Summary – This new 48,168 SF facility houses 108 adult inmates and 48 juveniles. A two-level dayroom adjacent to the cells serves as multipurpose and dining space. Each housing unit has an outdoor exercise yard adjacent to the dayrooms, covered with security mesh. Both the adult and juvenile units have classrooms, multipurpose spaces and workrooms to accommodate program and educational needs. The large multipurpose rooms are wired to accommodate video arraignment. DLR Group provided programming, architecture, and engineering services.

San Carlos Apache Juvenile and Adult Detention Center

The San Carlos Apache Tribe