Santa Maria Bonita K-6 School

  • Area

    • 56,890 ft²

Design Achievement - In consultation with DLR Group, Santa Maria Bonita School District recently developed flexible and forward-looking Education Specifications for TK-6 Elementary School design. DLR Group was recently selected as architect for a new Tk-6 Elementary School to carry this vision forward. The new campus is designed with safety and security of our students first and foremost. A U-shaped site configuration envelopes students in a safe and welcoming way. The buildings open to the play area in a such a way that visibility to all corners of campus is available from almost anywhere in the buildings. There will be two main controlled entrances – one between the Administration suite and the Kindergarten Building, and the second between the Kindergarten Building and the Multipurpose Building. By enclosing the primary outdoor areas with academic environments, student support, and gathering areas, the resulting interior courtyard becomes a place of countless collaboration and learning opportunities. The architecture reinforces this idea through the permeability at its interior facades both materially and visually. 

Scope Summary - The new TK-6 Elementary School will house 750 students on a 10-acre site with potential joint use acreage coming from an adjoining city park. The new 56,890 SF facility will include classrooms, administrative offices, and a multipurpose cafeteria/auditorium with kitchen, play-fields, and equipment. DLR Group is providing integrated planning, architecture, structural engineering, and interior design services.

Santa Maria Bonita K-6 School

Santa Maria-Bonita School District (CA)