John E. Polk Correctional Facility Expansion

  • Opened/Completed

    • 2010
  • Area

    • 124,000 ft²
  • Cost

    • $28,341,855

Design Achievement -In master planning and designing this expansion to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Seminole County, the team identified several challenges on the existing site including proximity to an existing wetland, proximity to multiple county facilities including the courthouse, and a neighboring local community college. DLR Group's design responds to these challenges by keeping the perimeter of the jail secure while creating buildings that reflect a more vibrant look and style of the community college next door.  The new centralized booking/intake facility allowed the old intake spaces to be returned to administrative purposes in the admin building.  This new facility also contains a secured vehicle sallyport and new transfer/release holding and bonding areas.

Scope Summary - The scope of this expansion included a new three-story housing unit, new booking/intake facility, expansion to the central energy plant for a total of 100,800 SF of new construction.  In addition, the existing booking area, food service and laundry areas were renovated to expand the capacity of services for the anticipated growth of the facility over the next 20 years. The inmate housing unit contains six 72-bed housing units for a total of 432 inmate beds including a new centralized officer zone office.  Each housing pod is an open dormitory unit utilizing a direct supervision model of operation in which the correctional officers are in direct 24-hour contact with the inmates. All inmate services are directly accessible from the dayroom including recreation, toilets/showers, medical services and inmate programs. DLR Group provided correctional planning and architecture services for the expansion in association with HKS Architects.

John E. Polk Correctional Facility Expansion

Seminole County