Shanghai Cruise Terminal

  • Client

    • Shanghai WU SONGKOU International Cruise Terminal De
  • Project Type

  • Area

    • 190,000 ft²

Design Achievement - The Shanghai International Cruise Terminal project is a facade design based on the original floor layout and structure plan of Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal. DLR Group’s design aims to fully express the longstanding culture of Yangtze River basin. The building reflects the images of cloud, river and water, bringing us endless inspiration of natural romance. The cloud represents freedom and wild, and water is the embodiment of time, nature, and life, implying the infinity of time and represents the open and generous way of living. The huge white roof floating above brings the image of stretched and lightened structure looks like white cloud waiting to embrace the coming visitors. Sunlight illuminates the graceful curved roof structure, creating unpredictable shadow movement in the three story high entrance lobby, which brings an interesting space experience to the visitors of the building. In the middle of the building, stands a frameless, crystal like glass box. Slender columns covered with fine louvers growing from first floor straight to the roof level, supporting the tremendous white roof. The red box is covered with rhombus shape aluminum boards. With the different perforated ratio, the architect created all kinds of translucent appearance and formed a vivid texture of facade. This design is inspired by the sparkling water under the sunset. 

Scope Summary - The scope of the project involves a three-story space used primarily as the entrance lobby. The building height is 24 m, with approximately 17,651 m2 of space for travelers enjoy. DLR Group provided architecture and master planning services.

Shanghai Cruise Terminal

Shanghai WU SONGKOU International Cruise Terminal De