Shanghai Wanping Theatre Renovation

Design Achievement - Shanghai Wanping Theater — designed specifically for the performance of Chinese traditional opera — is a response to the government’s drive to revitalize the traditional performance art. Inspired by the folding fan and “water sleeves” which are two essential stage props of Chinese opera, DLR Group’s design employs a zigzag façade composed of glass and aluminum panels and a fluid roof in the main lobby. The suggestion of the theater volumes within a larger more continuous and seamless massing provides for dramatic interior spaces while using very simple geometries, creating a sense of excitement that will also be enduring over time.  The overall curve of the façade provides an intuitive and graceful entrance while allowing views of the theater volumes inside. With their warm toned wood finishes, the theater volumes appear as graceful “vessels” while providing for a dramatic multi-level lobby strategically located at the primary corner. The graceful language of curved surfaces that pull inward to create the lobby itself is also used to create intuitive openings into the theaters, exhibition and other public spaces that allow intuitive wayfinding and a welcoming feel.

Scope Summary - The theater includes a 1000-seat main auditorium, a 300-seat small auditorium, lounge, café, and exhibition spaces. DLR Group provided design services.

Shanghai Wanping Theatre Renovation

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