Skyline College Creative Arts and Social Sciences Classroom Building

  • Area

    • 115,000 ft²

Design Achievement – The Creative Arts and Social Sciences Classroom Building at Skyline College is a design-build collaboration between DLR Group as Architect of Record, Snøhetta as Design Architect and Turner Construction as Builder. The client’s desire for this facility is to create a structure that both welcomes the public on the exterior of the campus and embraces the campus community with an iconic face on the interior of campus. The Snøhetta/DLR Group design accomplishes this by creating two “fronts,” one that creates a physical gateway to the center of the campus, and another that faces those on campus. The design of exterior spaces respects the existing fabric and landscape palette but is designed in a way that creates a unique landscape environment that complements the building and provides a signature experience for occupants. The Performing Arts Center pays homage to the coastal hills and mountains that surround the Skyline campus, two masses rising above grade, and unified at ground floor level. Between them, a beautiful gateway to campus features a terrace and grand staircase that activate the public space between and around the building. The textured façade helps break down the mass of buildings through a play with light and shadows, and contrasts the use of existing materials on campus.

Scope Summary - The scope of work for this project consists of design and construction of a new 115,000 SF building that houses: a 520-seat performing arts theater, a 220-seat recital hall, black box theater, music rooms, ceramics facility, art gallery, design studios, and instructional and support spaces. The work includes hazardous waste abatement of the existing building, and demolition that will preserve 6,600 SF of the east wing ground floor; this space houses an existing ceramics facility and two classrooms which will be renovated. The layout of the new building was determined taking into account the intended use of the spaces and comments of end-users. Open studios, offices and classrooms were oriented to the north to provide an abundance of natural light, and back of house program areas are open to students to intrigue and display the inner-workings of performances. Precast concrete panels will be used to preserve the design of the textured façade while also making it economically feasible to do so. DLR Group, in collaboration with Snøhetta, is providing planning, architecture, interior design and sustainability oversight from concept to completion.

Skyline College Creative Arts and Social Sciences Classroom Building

Turner Construction Company (CA)

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