Sonoma County Behavioral Health Housing Unit

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    • Kitchell CEM (CA)
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Design Achievement - The County of Sonoma is addressing ever-changing population needs as a result of laws shifting responsibilities from state prisons to county jails for newly-convicted, low-level offenders. DLR Group’s vision for the proposed Sonoma Behavioral Health Housing and Transitional Unit project is to provide a physical environment that is directly supportive of the therapeutic programs currently in place for both staff and inmates alike. The primary focus is treatment in a therapeutic health care environment with a custody overlay. The facility is organized around a secure landscaped courtyard, creating an inward-focused, nature-based community environment. The scale of the housing units is smaller than the most institutional facilities and allows for the impression of a more residential campus with increased daylight and improved acoustics. The expansion of programming space will allow the county to provide more evidence-based programs, and cognitive behavioral therapy to the medical/mental health population in a physical layout that is secure and safe for both staff and inmates. The goal is to reduce recidivism by providing the best possible evidence-based programs and treatment that allow inmate-patients to flourish once they re-enter the community.

Scope Summary – Partnered with a program manager, DLR Group developed prescriptive design criteria documents and oversaw the implementation for the new 32,800-SF, 72-bed specialized housing unit. The design is a combination of single- and double-occupancy rooms that will afford flexibility depending on capacity and treatment needs. As program space is an integral piece of the project design, two multipurpose rooms provide ample opportunities for group socialization, group discussions, and life skills development. Interview rooms will provide individualized medical/mental health assessment, treatment planning, and community re-entry facilitation. Extensive natural light will be brought into the facility through the use of clerestories located above the dayrooms and oriented to allow north and south light without the glare and heat gain of east and west exposure. DLR Group provided planning and design services for design-build bridging documents.

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  • 2018 Justice Facilities Review Highest Honor

    American Institute of Architects' Academy of Architecture for Justice

Sonoma County Behavioral Health Housing Unit

Kitchell CEM (CA)