Souq 7

Design Achievement -  This new, highly anticipated retail masterplan covers 80 hectacres of previously vacant land in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. DLR Group’s design is inspired by local Saudi culture and customs, ranging from traditional Saudi architecture and design, overlaid with a modern aesthetic across various levels. The team was challenged to design interesting places for the community to gather, while maintaining a sense of place that attracts multiple demographics. The plan is organized into seven zones, each with a different theme and purpose. A large central plaza acts as the heart of Souq 7. Streets are arteries that break out to smaller streets and courtyards to create a network of connections between zones and spaces.
Scope Summary - Covering 80 hectacres, Souq 7 is the answer to a call to enliven the Jeddah community.  The master plan is divided into seven zones, including food/market, fashion, family entertainment, auto, furniture, home improvement, and a traditional souq. DLR Group’s planning and design was completed within a previously drafted plan. The team worked within the infrastructure of the previous master plan and with teams internationally. The design uses cost-effective concrete, glass, and stone for consistency with the existing landscape of Jeddah and authenticity within the surrounding communities. DLR Group provided architecture design services for this project.