Vanderbilt University

Design Achievement - Vanderbilt University envisions a center for the humanities that shapes the discipline; dfines new standards; accommodates trans-institutional work spanning across schools and colleges; and enhances the university’s reputation. To achieve this vision, DLR Group's targeted discovery resulted in an interdisciplinary plan for 12 current facilities that host humanities courses, research, performance, and related programs. The study analyzes instructional, gathering, collaboration, special event, and office space use – and identifies future needs for humanities departments, programs, and centers. Most of the impacted facilities are situated within the College of Arts and Science, but also include the Divinity School and the Blair School of Music.

Scope Summary - Revitalizing the historic campus core and touching on every major perimeter street that joins the campus to the Nashville community, the program analysis and conditions assessment engages faculty and the provost’s office to develop future-state concept design options. The concepts include adaptive reuse and renovation options for the 12 existing buildings, as well as potential opportunities for new construction and campus improvements. The study emphasizes trans-disciplinary studies including, but not limited to, languages, area studies and the arts for established centers, and relevant trans-institutional program initiatives funded through the provost office. DLR Group provided space needs assessment, classroom and laboratory utilization, facility assessment, concept studies, program needs assessment, and architecture services.