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Design Achievement - When Vertafore, an SaaS leader in modern insurance technology, was acquired by a private equity company, an infusion of capital and the consolidation of multiple field offices precipitated the need for a new headquarters in Denver. The shift in ownership came with a shift in culture for the 40-year old company, as well as the infusion of significant new talent being brought on during design. DLR Group helped the firm’s new leadership energize around the common goals of an open-door, transparent office of the future that could serve as a recruiting tool. While the culture change was welcome, what couldn’t budge was the difficult floorplate – a single floor sectioned off as two tower plates and two terrace plates with narrow circulation pinch points between. Designing around a neighborhood concept overcomes the physical separation by encouraging employees to travel between the building sections to access coveted amenities. Visioning sessions identified a desired aesthetic of “urban natural.” This informs the neighborhood identities: The Brewery District, The Coffee Shop, The Health Club, and The Library. Each neighborhood is anchored by a distinct social amenity as destination, and color and material variation build their distinctive vibes. Significant programming efforts led to a focus on training room adjacencies, bringing HR into a visible, accessible position, and positioning Sales teams in areas with acoustical breaking.  DLR Group’s design matches the physical transformation of the workplace to the organizational transformation Vertafore is undertaking. 

Scope Summary - The 62,000 SF tenant improvement is programmed to accommodate 305 employees. During design and construction, a deep partnership with the client’s real estate brokers helped to identify swing and expansion space within the building to accommodate Vertafore’s significant restructuring and hiring. A flexible “kit-of-parts” approach was developed to allow iterative moves as the company explores new organizational models: all desks are the same with customizable add-on components, and each Neighborhood has at least one private office and access to support space. The program includes desking, collaboration, and social spaces including an arcade, barista bar, library lounge, and juice bar. Also included are a training area that accommodates 30-35 employees or clients, and eight private offices for vice presidents who commonly confer with VIP clients.  DLR Group provided programming, interior design, and FF&E services.    

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