• Opened/Completed

    • 2015
  • Area

    • 140,000 ft²
  • Cost

    • $42,042,967

Design Achievement - Far before Vida was planned, the Mission district was deeply embroiled in regional tensions regarding demographic change. Especially in the Mission, demand for housing is high, availability of housing is low, and models for culturally-sensitive development are few and far between. DLR Group|KwanHenmi’s design draws from the historic marquee of the adjacent New Mission Theater as a welcoming gesture and to create a sense of place, playing off the marquee’s strong architectural element. Replacing a big-box retail store and a parking lot, the new building contributes to the vibrant streetscape with its colorful and dynamic façade. Vida’s innovation comes from its engagement with, and enhancement of, the urban fabric. It is a model of how housing in San Francisco might be designed to meet ongoing demand.  

Scope Summary - Vida is an eight-story, 144-unit condominium with commercial space built into the ground floor. Immediately adjacent to the building is the renovated New Mission Theater, a once-dilapidated building originally built in 1916. DLR Group|KwanHenmi worked with Oyster to engage the community in discussions regarding the project early and frequently, producing a design that contributes through more than aesthetics. This includes land dedicated to triple the number of affordable units in the project, $1 million to renovate the New Mission Theater—which at one point was to be demolished, to much local protest—and 0.25 percent of each unit’s sales to a community fund. With creative planning and an efficient layout, Oyster and DLR Group|KwanHenmi provided 114 new residential units and 15,000 SF of ground floor retail space. Parking is located entirely underground to reduce visibility. DLR Group|KwanHenmi provided architecture and construction administration services.