Eagle Valley K-8 Campus

Design Achievement - Serving students in the Colorado community two hours west of Denver, Eagle County Schools is an innovative district with a vision to prepare all students to be global-ready graduates, successful in their careers or college experience, and contributors to their communities in positive and effective ways. DLR Group’s design re-envisions the existing 3rd Street Campus into an inspiring learning environment for students in grades Pre-K through eight. The 3rd Street K-8 Campus was originally built in 1968 and will continue to serve the District and community for generations to come. 

Scope Summary - The campus comprises a new 78,235 SF Eagle Valley Elementary School (EVES) and the revitalized 128,000 SF Eagle Valley Middle School (EVMS). DLR Group was tasked with creating cohesion and continuity between the elementary and middle schools, while still allowing each to celebrate its unique identity and character. The elementary school curriculum is shaped around a dual language International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and the middle school is designed around interdisciplinary small learning communities that promote learning as a team sport. Phased construction allowed for continuous operation and was achieved by moving the elementary school from the south side to the eastern half of campus.

Eagle Valley Elementary School
DLR Group’s design for the new Eagle Valley Elementary School creates an inspiring, safe, and healthy environment that features large, equitable classrooms, grade level team spaces, and a great hall exhibition space designed to support the school’s focus on the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in grades Pre-K through fifth. The flexible great hall connects the library to the maker space and arts program areas to give students a variety of spaces and configurations to learn. Together, these spaces create the heart of the school. 

Educational spaces are designed to accommodate current curriculum, but can also easily adapt to future changes in use, programs and technology. While some of the significant components of the curriculum are found in the big social spaces, the small details and project focused areas are thoughtfully distributed throughout the facility in the form of smaller classrooms and collaborative learning spaces. The new elementary also includes an Early Childhood Care Program, meeting the needs of the youngest learners.

Eagle Valley Middle School
Transformation of this 1980’s Eagle Valley Middle School is key to the success of repositioning the 3rd Street Campus. The existing campus was a rabbit warren of corridors and ramps that did not support small learning communities or reflect a welcoming facility to be used by the entire community.

DLR Group’s design for the new Eagle Valley Middle School provides spaces for exploratory programs, concentrated small learning communities by grade level that clarify pathways and student movement throughout the facility, and a strong focus on student interaction. A new student commons coupled with an updated 21st Century media center create a hub for student life.

The design also focuses on improving supervision throughout the building, including a redefined main entry, scaled appropriately for the size of the facility to create a welcoming statement. The entry and campus layout improves wayfinding and visitor access, especially in the new dining commons which will be available for after-hours community use and events.

A new entrance on the west side of the building brings students and visitors directly into the heart of the middle school campus, which consists of a cafetorium, administration, student commons/media center, maker spaces and gymnasium. The cafetorium addition provides a much need welcoming community space and allows the small learning communities to gather and interact for large group activities. The western third of the building will be open 24/7 for after hour activities and celebrations.  

Material choices complement the elementary school finishes to create a strong campus vernacular and identity. The consistency of materials, such as red sandstone masonry native to the area, metal panels, and uniformity in building form and mass, create a unified campus experience.

Eagle Valley K-8 Campus

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