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team collaborating with multiple screens, technology, and tiered seating in white conference room

The Reconnected Workplace: Resilient Office 2.0

Jeremy Reding

COVID-19 has left a significant impression upon the workplace as we knew it. At every level, in every industry, the workplace has changed. It’s now even more flexible, healthy, and customized than ever before – even more resilient. Not only is it a safer environment for employees, for some, it the place for them to truly do their best work.

Infographic titled Resilient Workplace 2.0, the Reconnected Workplace, discussing Future Forward Design Solutions

Image © DLR Group.

We’ve taken on the challenge of imagining what the future workplace might look like at three scales: the building, the office, and the workstation. In a recent survey we conducted about returning to the office, 88% of respondents are most excited to have in-person social interaction with their colleagues again.


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