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See projects, ideas, firm news, and awards that exemplify how science and technology design contributes to our integrated design practice.

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Defining a Practice

Senior Associate | Senior Laboratory Planner Denver

Nick Kreitler, RA, NCARB

"The primary focus for science and technology projects is creating a safe and inviting space for people to engage with science. Our team works hand-in-hand to accomplish that goal and meet the needs of our clients. That is the essence of employee-ownership – teamwork and collaboration, all voices being heard, and working together to provide positive outcomes for our clients.”

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Chris Ertl
Queries? Please contact: Chris Ertl, Global Science+Technology Leader

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Our sector, discipline, and executive leaders are dispersed to mentor the next generation of employee-owners, counsel clients, and share their design voice in their local communities.

Black curved wall section with rounded dip in ceiling leading to dining. Left, translucent purple wall room below white wall

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The concept of ownership, its importance to our culture, and the immense benefits are rather simple. Driven by opportunity, we make decisions that impact not only our success but also that of our clients and partners. our clients and partners.

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