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An employee fixes their bike while chatting with a coworker in the bike barn detailed in a bold palette of red and black.

Desk Work and Engineering Progress in Tandem

Project Location

Colorado Springs, CO


115,000 SF


Architecture, engineering, interiors, and science+technology

SRAM, a bicycle component manufacturer, was looking for a reinvention of their workplace and processes with increased collaboration, expanding operations, and the adoption of a LEAN process method. Our design brings their passion for the outdoors and love of local trails into their space. At the heart of the project is a work area for enhanced collaboration, bringing together desk work and engineering functions, and serving as a team hub for visual management of work and in process product development, ultimately focusing on the people behind the products.

A warm, neutral palette dominates the space with SRAM red as the main accent color and pops of earthy mustard and olive to highlight specific spaces, each named for and inspired by iconic bicycling trails in Colorado. Within the open office space overhanging the circulation path, an awe-inspiring wooden wall installation artfully recreates the rugged beauty of the cliffside terrain found along the Kokopelli Trail spanning from Colorado to Utah. A large community room, dubbed The Forest, serves as a break room, all hands gathering area, and event space and is attached to an outdoor patio.

Efficiency and Growth

Originally built in the 1970s, the existing facility needed an expanded engineering lab, testing facility, machine shop, and warehouse space. Our design team worked closely with end users to maximize the existing footprint while considering the specific flow of material, people, and finish goods. The expansive engineering lab accommodates up to 100 mechanical, electrical, and industrial design engineers for rapid product development. Within the engineering lab, a gird of systems houses air, power, and lighting, supporting rapid adaptability. Strategically positioned adjacent to the engineering lab, the machine shop and testing lab offer both visual integration and acoustic separation. This arrangement safeguards uninterrupted day-to-day collaboration from any interference caused by long-term testing and machining activities. The final layout allows for future expansion and growth while creating a resilient facility.

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