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Catbird Hotel guest room with bed on wooden platform on matching wood mezzanine, couch, television and sink on lower level
Catbird Hotel

Hotel Service Meets Apartment Lifestyle

Project Location

Denver, CO


Sage Hospitality





Guests staying at the Catbird Hotel will enjoy a luxury experience at the center of work and recreation. Our design is inspired by the surrounding art district of industrial brick buildings from the past, neighbored by new, modern styles and vibrant uninhibited. The interior design harnessed this blur, crafting a palette and aesthetic that pairs a multitude of styles, from contemporary, vintage, and eclectic.

The corridor and guestrooms create a space that feels hand selected and collected over time, not purchased by a single source. The space also emphasizes humanness due to the interior’s imperfect, yet meaningful, organic texture, warm materiality, soft light and expressive colors harness the feelings of home, while providing guests a space that is incomparable in style.

Unique and Hidden Features Await Guests

A custom loft bed designed meticulously, opens to reveal hidden wardrobe pullouts and a full-size desk. The room’s sofa is a modern sleeper bed for guests with larger groups, or for deeply relaxing in the space. Plus, many more concealed moments.


2022 Indie Award for Most Innovative Hotel Design

International Lodging Congress

2023 Silver: Residential Boutique Hotel

Muse Hotel Awards

2023 IIDA BEST Awards

IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter

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