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Concept for a mass timber building in chicago, warm copper exterior with overhanging balconies. T3 cubic sign at corner

Is Wood the Building Material of the Future?

For centuries, wood has been prized for its beauty and tactile qualities – “Wood is the most humanly intimate of all materials,” said Frank Lloyd Wright. In the field sustainable architecture, wood is experiencing a renaissance, in the form of mass timber, which is finding growing acceptance as a structural building component. A recent Think Tank entitled “Working with Timber – New Possibilities for Design, Construction and Sustainability” brought experts from the design and timber industries together to discuss and celebrate this remarkable transformation.

Interior with wood columns, ceiling and beams lined with floor to ceiling windows with black seams and exposed steel beams

T3 West Midtown in Atlanta. Photo by Rion Rizzo.

DLR Group Principal Steve Cavanaugh, AIA, LEED AP, joined the panel to bring design expertise to the conversation.

Watch the discussion in Metropolis magazine.


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