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View from 2nd floor balcony overlooking seating and glass entrance to double height auto industry and mechanic specific lab

A Changing Workforce Demands Change in Education

Innovation spurs creativity and success. But what spurs innovation? One hour south of Denver, in Centennial, Colorado, innovation stems from a joint effort between a district, a design firm, a community and industry partners who are committed to better preparing students for the changing workforce.

Classroom with students on computers at rows of wood tables. Equipment and power cords hang from the ceiling of white room

Cherry Creek Career and Innovation Academy in Centennial, CO by DLR Group.

Cherry Creek Career and Innovation Academy provides a one-of-a-kind experience that supports the district’s community of learners, encouraging them to explore, experiment and celebrate what their future holds. With a curriculum rooted in real-world skills and trade certifications, the campus is a new kind of bridge both to college and to viable, successful careers.

Read on to understand the career pathways that support Colorado’s workforce in spaces4learning.


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