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Hotel lobby lounge divided by a jade stone rectangle structure with cozy seating and coffee bar.
AC Hotel by Marriott Naples 5th Avenue

A Coastal Resort-Inspired Oasis

Project Location

Naples, FL







Just steps away from the tranquil Gulf of Mexico with its azure waters and pristine white sandy beaches, our design of the new AC Hotel Naples 5th Avenue invites guests into a haven of respite. Open breezeways and inviting seating extend beneath open-air living rooms, encouraging visitors to unwind and bask in the gentle, warm breeze. Expansive windows seamlessly connect the interior and exterior, allowing sunlight to bathe the beauty of the natural textures of the interior.

At the ground level, spaces are dressed in muted jade and chalky warm hues, while the rooftop introduces Limón, an Amalfi Coast-inspired dining haven and bar adjacent to an intimate pool deck. Both locals and guests revel in upscale dining paired with breathtaking cityscape views, making it a cherished hotspot for culinary enthusiasts and visitors alike.

The property rises three stories, featuring 150 guestrooms and vibrant public spaces. Key areas include the ballroom/conference center, meeting rooms, lounge cafe, rooftop restaurant and bar, pool deck, and guestrooms.


2024 Select Service Hotel

Hospitality Design Awards

2024 Select Service Hotel Public Space

Hospitality Design Awards

2024 Gold: Hospitality Interior Design

Muse Hotel Awards

2024 Gold: Lobby Interior Design

Muse Hotel Awards

2024 Gold: Budget Hotel Interiors

Muse Hotel Awards

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