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Al Fustat master plan concept art. A large scale park with buildings along water is backed by tall buildings in Cairo, Egypt
Al Fustat Park

Weaving Urbanism, Nature, and History


Pre Concept Architecture Master Planning

Project Location

Cairo, Egypt


1.2 SM including 9 districts

DLR Group Studio


Designed to be a grand park, the development emphasizes open space within a new urban neighborhood framework. The Grand Park is designed to be a true part of Old Cairo, proposing a place where urban life, nature and history can coexist.

The project features nine districts and a series of design elements; a central hub named The Canyon District, an ‘urban promenade’ The Riverside Walk, and The Old Souk. Our design approach was to transform the site into a historical hub, further connecting the Museum of Civilization to its context. A series of defined interventions will link the population to various activities through-out the master plan.

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