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Aerial view of American University in Cairo campus extension featuring modern architecture and abundant greenery
American University in Cairo

Elevating Education through Innovative Design


American University in Cairo

Project Location

Cairo, Egypt


270,000 SF


Architecture and interiors

Since 1919, The American University in Cairo – the leading English-language, American-accredited institution in Egypt – has committed itself to providing top-tier teaching and research. With a robust student body of around 7,000 undergraduates, graduates, and doctorate students, AUC is expanding its New Cairo campus to enhance its educational offerings further.

The AUC Campus Expansion Project, spearheaded by our team, will redefine educational infrastructure and enrich the student and faculty experience through innovative design. Situated at AUC’s headquarters in New Cairo, the project revolves around two crucial structures: Extended Education Hub and NextGen Student Living and Learning Spaces. It encompasses five major developments across an undeveloped 65-acre area.

Both buildings incorporate sustainable design elements and meet LEED equivalent standards. DLR Group provided architecture, interior design, and programming services, ensuring the new facilities align with AUC’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Dynamic Learning

Our design guidelines focus on creating a flexible, inclusive, and engaging educational environment. Emphasizing purposeful design, the project aims to develop spaces that go beyond traditional classrooms to support diverse educational needs and encourage interaction among students, learners, and participants.

Extended Education Hub

Fostering Interactive Learning

The AUC Campus is set to undergo a transformative expansion with the introduction of the Extended Education Hub, a project designed to enhance the educational environment and cater to the evolving needs of its diverse student body. Spanning a total area of 146,970 SF, the Extended Education Hub integrates general spaces, classrooms, executive education areas, and essential basement support spaces, all meticulously designed to foster a vibrant and interactive learning community. Our design prioritizes the seamless integration of natural elements, such as a tranquil reflecting pool. In addition, the site trellises offer designated areas for outdoor classrooms, gatherings, and leisure, enhancing the overall experience.

NextGen Student Living and Learning Spaces

Enhancing Community Living

The new NextGen Student Living and Learning Spaces emphasize holistic student wellness and community-building. It features inviting cafes, co-working spaces, prayer rooms, music rooms, and spacious living areas, all of which foster student connections. Spanning a total area of 123,795 SF and accommodating 300 beds, the project features various spaces including student life programming and a garden-level basement.

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